BRND® Strategy
Brand Naming (Sprint)

Naming is a complex exercise that relies on science as well as creativity, yet the world of trademark law takes pity on nobody.

Naming is complex and the world of trademarking laws take pity on no one. When time is not on your side, we help our clients get ahead with our agile naming sprints. This is not just another business meeting, a sprint is a set of specific exercises where we use all the tricks we’ve learnt over 12 years in the business to find the right name, fast. 

Our process includes a series of collaborative BRND® naming sprints followed by a high-level IP and domain check to get you started before full clearance from your legal team. 

We can deliver: A strong list of names for you to take away. Plus, we will carry out high-level checks for EU trademarks, local competition and domain availability. 

Who's it for? Boot-strapped start-ups and budget-stressed marketing teams who need some extra muscle and wisdom to name their unicorn.
Duration 4 – 5 days
Naming Check List
Workshop Notes
Brief-Up and Research

Our internal brief-up session ensures you don’t have to repeat yourself in the room and ensures we spend more time solving the problem than talking about it.

The more you share the better we fare.

BRND® Naming Sprint Workshop

Let the creative juices flow and take full advantage of the collective expertise in the room including:

1 Consultancy Director
1 Creative Copywriter
1 Creative Director
1 Senior Designer

This intensive session will help you get on track and build your long-list of options.

Notes Write-Up

The calm after the storm. Let’s consolidate our meeting notes and list of names into a digestible fashion with our preferences conveniently positioned at the top.

We’ll also provide a checklist for you to run the names through.