Melita Rebrand

Melita: A brand bursting with positivity and colour

Project Date:

Melita is a household name in Malta and one of the largest key players in the telecom industry, where standing out has always been a challenge. Over the course of a year, we imbued the brand with a distinctive spirit and laid out a strategy to communicate the new brand identity and usher in a refreshed, magical era for Melita.

The Brief

To increase positive feeling amongst non-existing customers and the younger generation, and to stand out from the crowd.

The Work

Initially working with Melita’s existing brand identity, we explored how to “kick up” the energy and achieve a distinctive, optimistic tone. We evolved typography, colour, and photography style, designing a gradient logo with a playful arrangement and a forward momentum. This playfulness also carried over into our brand messaging and art direction for campaign work. We wanted to bring an energy to both words and actions, and a rhythm and emotion to every message. But above all, we wanted to communicate how seamlessly Melita enables each of its customers, that sometimes it just feels like magic. And so, a new tagline was born: ‘Melita. Be there.’

Melita Rebrand
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The results