BRND WGN Xmas gift 2023

2024 Christmas Gift: But first…coffee?

Project Date:

Life is more fun with company and gifts. So, every year, we wrap things up with a holiday gift to say thanks to our clients and friends, and 2024 was no exception.

The Brief

The Work

Coffee isn't just our favourite way of connecting with our favourite people inside and outside the office; it also symbolises our positive energy and the process of creative collaboration to overcome challenges, reflecting one of our core principles, 'Find a Way.'Staying local, we collaborated with Bristow Potteries to design and craft 260 handmade espresso mugs and saucers. And just like us, they each have their quirks, as they weren't commercially produced. Our Wagoneers got involved too, designing the packaging, composing a thoughtful poem, and creating a human supply chain that spanned the entire office to personally sign and seal every gift. After all that effort, the final touch was sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of... yes, you guessed it, coffee.

BRND WGN Xmas gift 2023
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