Brand Framework

Define your brand and lock it down for future success.

We offer brand framework services for large businesses who are repositioning, rebranding or redefining. This is an intensive exercise ideal for large brands with diverse audience types, expansive product/service offerings and multiple stakeholders. Using our proprietary framework we lay down the essential tiers of your brand across three levels: the experienced, the explicit and the intrinsic.

We then work with you and your teams to define your audiences and their state of play. This is the foundation on which all brands are built.

We can deliver: Brand purpose, brand proposition, brand principles and audience framework.

  • Research and Discovery
  • BRND® Sprint Workshop
  • Brand Immersion
  • Data Interpretation
  • Framework Builder
  • Framework Refinery
Brand Discovery

A workshop designed to get you and your team thinking differently.

A brand discovery workshop gives you a fresh perspective on your brand, untapped opportunities and the best ways to take your brand further.

After exploring your challenges, risks and opportunities, we develop bespoke recommendations for your next steps - and how to tackle them most effectively and efficiently.

We can deliver: Strategic recommendations for company vision & strategy, setting of goals & objectives, defining your audiences, clarifying your offer & USPs, customer experience, brand development, naming, brand architecture, internal engagement, digital platforms strategy, marketing & content strategy and reporting & evaluation.

  • Research and Discovery
  • BRND® Sprint Workshop
  • Build Recommendations