BRND® Tech
Web & App Development

A brand is what a brand does.

Your website is the backbone of your business, supporting all your digital marketing efforts.

There are different types of websites depending on the need.

We can deliver: 1-page marketing websites, themed or semi-custom websites and custom design websites.

Who's it for? Brands launching or testing out a new product, a project requiring an online address, a campaign in need of a targeted call-to-action, portfolio sites, multi-product businesses or simply having a strongly branded on-line presence with a very strong call-to-actions.
Duration 4 weeks +
User Manual
User Training
Website / App
Research and Planning

Time to group-up and get the right team together to kick-off.

Objective setting
High-level sitemap

Design User Experience (UX)

With a specification document in hand, we start building our skeleton.

Content architecture
User journeys
Content hierarchy

Design User Interface (UI)

Once we’ve got the structure in place we can move on to applying aesthetics to the framework.

UI design concept
UI design assets
UI design application

Website Development

With the assets together, our developers jump in and start on the HTML / CSS / JS production.

Front-end development
Back-end development
API development
CMS building
Cross browser testing

Handover and Training

Once the big stuff is done, we’ll setup a staging environment and allow for user acceptance testing before going live.

User manual
Handover meeting


We’ve made it. The last part is to set this baby free and join the online world. We’ll setup a production environment and prep for project go-live.

Maintenance and Updates (Optional)

This service allows our clients the peace of mind that their online website, platform or app will keep running smoothly and receive the necessary updates it deserves.

Functionality review
Code updates
Uptime monitoring

Analytics and Insights (Optional)

This service allows our clients to gather data from their current digital platforms, analyse it and enables us to develop insights that will guide decisions.

Data analytics
Data review