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Heritage Malta: A brand that’s part of us all

Heritage Malta
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Heritage Malta is an agency responsible for conserving and celebrating Malta’s 8,000 years of history, including the management of seven World Heritage Sites. Over the years, they have become responsible for hundreds of sites and a diversity of projects without a clear relationship or connection. Attempting to unite their sites and move away from the idea of a museum as a ‘static show window’, they needed a brand that communicated the many complex layers of cultural heritage. So we created a symbolic visual identity and a new narrative about history - one that everybody can feel part of.

The Brief

Create a brand that unites all sites and subrands, and brings culture and heritage closer to visitors and the community.

The Work

The refresh is anchored in a few key brand attributes: signature colours, typography, and a custom logo. Our team thoughtfully strengthened each component with sensitivity to the legacy and mindfulness of Malta’s complex history. The ambigram logo is inspired by Maltese stone and the traditional local craft known as ‘tberfil’. The top part of the logo symbolises the historic sites on land, while the lower part represents our underwater heritage. In the centre of the mark, the 'H' leaves an invisible imprint, representing the intangible nature of heritage. In fact, this tension between tangible and intangible elements became a running theme throughout the creative work. Even the new tagline, ‘Part of Us’, reflects how this spectacular history is for all of us to enjoy now and protect for the future. The refreshed visual identity and revamped website launched in May 2022, in an impressive national showcase of the rebrand.

Heritage Malta Rebrand - Logo (Red Background White Logo)
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