Fontana Glass Line: Local & Reusable

Project Date:

Introducing the new, redesigned, Fontana Water Glass Line. Following discussions between Cassar Camilleri & BRND WGN, a strategic plan was put in place to revisit the identity and devise a new communication plan.

The Brief

The Work

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The results


The fact that Fontana is the only reusable glass water bottle in Malta was not only an inspiration for the design, but also something that the team felt should be rreferenced directly both on the label and during the launch campaign. Shipping single-use glass bottles from oversees isn’t something people are consciously opting for every day. Business and consumers alike can reduce their Carbon footprint by stocking and consuming environmentally-conscious products like Fontana Water.        

Photography & Setup

The product was recently launched to the market with a set of beautiful product photography showing both variations of the bottles floating in a dramatic setup. To achieve this, a custom setup involving a small water tank and air compression was purposefully built.