Welbee's Rebrand

Welbee's: A family brand

Welbee’s is a family-owned supermarket chain on a quest to ‘provide the best selection of produce our land can offer.’ Their uncompromised commitment to offering quality brands and a quality experience, at the same value as larger competitors, was an achievement that should have been shouted from the rooftops. Unifying the brand under one identity was about letting people know that wherever they found a Welbee’s, they could count on consistent value, quality, and service.

The Brief

Unify four supermarket brands in eight different locations under one new identity.

The Work

We focused our initial work on setting and clarifying the purpose, principles, and proposition of the new brand using our BRND FRMWRK. This effort resulted in the creation of the new name, Welbee's, accompanied by a custom-designed 'W' icon to serve as a recognisable brand mark. The concept of family and playfulness inspired our work, weaving its way into our fresh, vibrant colour palette, bold typography, and a flexible illustration set. The 'We are family' tagline extends the story and was launched alongside a series of animations and live-action TV commercials.

Welbee's Rebrand
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