BRND® Design
User Interface Design (UI)

UI Design is what gives your digital touch-points the visual style and finesse that users will enjoy interacting with and wanting more from your brand.

Unlike UX design – which is the overall user experience whenever a user engages with a product or service – UI (User Interface) design is purely digital. It covers all the visual and interactive elements of a product interface such as buttons, icons, spacing, typography, colour, and responsive design.

Great UI delivers an enjoyable and frictionless user experience for your digital brand users. Customers today are quick to judge a decision based on usability, quality UX design can be the difference between a user choosing to follow through on an action or not.

We can deliver: UI design kit libraries and UI dashboards.

Who's it for? Digital brands whose users are humans with needs such as comfort and low cognitive loads.
Duration 2 – 4 weeks
UI Asset Library
UI Design Kit
Brief-Up and Research

With the user experience (UX) architecture in-hand, we are able to plan and deliver the UI.

This is our time to group-up and assemble the right team to kick-off our internal brief-up, align on the delivery of goals and prepare to design all of the UI elements.

UI Mood board

We create a visual map that helps frame our design thinking and recommendations for:

Online typography
Colour sets
Tone of voice
UI kit styles
UI component styles

UI Design Concept

With our UI direction pinned down, we grab 2—3 key wireframe pages of your site and apply the UI to these pages. This allows us to test the overall design and showcase its use before applying the UI to all wireframes.

UI Design Assets

The concept works. Great! Time to build all the UI components needed and prepare all the online assets into a beautifully executed, pixel perfect design kit. This becomes our online brand-bible.

UI design kit
UI asset library
UI guidelines

UI Design Application

In the final stage, we grab all the UI assets and design system and start applying the UI to all the wireframes of the online platform – completing the design and bringing the online platform to life.