BRND® Tech
Digital Audit

A Digital Audit is a comprehensive, customised report designed to help you view your digital footprint and understand how you stand in comparison to your main competitors.

A digital audit is a review of your digital portfolio and marketing, with insights on what’s worked and what hasn’t over the past 6—12 months. Once that’s done, we can work on a practical solution that will close the gap from where you are now, to where you need to be.

We can deliver: Digital landscape analysis, digital landscape comparison and digital landscape recommendations.

Who's it for? Brands with a single or multi-channel online presence who have no visibility on how their channels are performing and the overall effect this is having on their brand or brands.
Duration 2 – 3 weeks
Digital Landscape Report
Strategic Recommendations
Platform Access

Here’s where the client gives us access to the agreed channels to be audited. This allows us to gain insight into what’s happening. These would include basics, such as:

Google Suite ®
Social media channels

Email platform

Digital Audit

We go away and start compiling the data for our audit. We look at both the clients’ channels as well as how competitors are performing in the same space. We cover:

Social media channels
Email channel

Insights and Recommendations

We grab the data being pulled and turn it into actionable insights and recommendations. This exercise creates an opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the clients’ digital landscape and offer the right services to take your digital eco-system forward.

Compiled report

Discovery Session

We’ll run a discovery workshop together with the client to identify what needs to be audited by BRND WGN. We’ll follow a strict agenda in order to make sure we define the key areas for the audit.

Step 1: define channels
Step 2: define platforms
Step 3: define competitors