BRND® Tech
Data Analytics Integration

This service allows our clients to gather data from their current digital platforms, analyse it and allow us to develop Insights that will guide decisions.

Insights allow you to have a finger on the pulse of what’s shaping your brand online. This enables you to make informed and successful online decisions in-line with brands goals.

We can deliver: Analytics integration and analytics report.

Who's it for? Businesses which have a website and digital channels which are not using platforms such as Google Analytics and Business Manager to monitor and analyse their online traffic.
Duration 4 – 8 weeks
Analytics Report
Analytics Set-up
Identify Channels

Review of all the existing digital channels available to gather data from. We’ll hold a quick meeting with our client’s tech team to define those channels.

Setup Tools

At this stage it’s important that we have identified the channels and match the right industry tools to monitor those channels. Industry leading tools include:

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console

Automate Reports

At this stage we can give access to the client, in order to be able to monitor the data and setup automated reports tailored to requests using:

Google Dashboards
Google Data Studio

Reports can be tailored to automatically run: daily, weekly or monthly.

Insights & Recommendations

We gather the data, interpret it and generate insights and recommendations. We will provide the client with a report of actionable items.