BRND® Strategy
Campaign Strategy

To define a strong strategic direction we work with you and your team to explore your vision, objectives, as well as your offer and audiences.

From digital to TV, we’ve had years of experience crafting short and long-term campaign strategies for all existing channels.

First, we define a strong strategic direction by collaborating with you to explore your vision, objectives, your offer and audiences. Then, we’ll discuss the market, the competition you’re facing and go away to explore the most cost-effective approach. 

During this time, we define your tone, style, develop a campaign proposition and positioning, and a ‘Creative Brief.’ This moves us into the concept development phase. 

We can deliver: 360 campaign strategy, mid-weight campaign strategy, light-weight campaign strategy and digital strategy. 

Who's it for? Businesses looking to promote a product or service as part of an existing wider plan. Short or long-term campaigns running across all, or part of existing channels (from digital to TV).
Duration 2 – 4 weeks
Campaign Brief
Campaign Evaluation Metrics
Campaign Strategic Plan
Research and Discovery

This is our time to group-up and assemble the right team to kick-off our internal brief-up, align on the delivery of goals and prepare for your campaign strategy workshop.

Campaign Strategy Workshop

It’s time to bring you and your team around a table to learn everything we need to know about your service or product. As well as, pinpoint your target audiences and your ambition for the coming months.  We’ll challenge your thinking, explore the competition in the market and take a look at some inspiration.

Campaign Design (Optional)

Our in-house design team have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the creative output required from the campaign brief.

Review and Refine (Optional)

Active campaign check-in, monitoring execution and refining strategy.

Campaign Strategy

Next, we’ll go away to refine our output from the workshop. We build your audiences, recommend media channels, define the key insights and consider our approach to evaluation.