BRND® Strategy
Brand Naming

If you are building a brand with big hopes and dreams then you’re going to need the right name.

Assuming you’ve established your brand framework and know your audience, it’s time to start shaping your brand identity with a name that’s right for you. 

The process includes a series of collaborative BRND® naming sprints followed by a high-level IP and domain check. Then we’ll hand off to your legal team for full clearance. You get a strong list of name options for you to take away. Plus, we carry out high-level checks for EU trademarks, local competition and domain availability.

We can deliver: Name options for new services, products and brands – with available URL options.

Who's it for? Brands with growth aspirations. Brand owners open to multi-market growth and online store presence.
Duration 2 – 4 weeks
Deck of Names
Stakeholder Presentation (Optional)
Brief-Up and Research

This is our time to group-up and assemble the right team to kick-off our internal brief-up, align on the delivery of goals and prepare for your BRND® naming workshop.

BRND® Naming Workshop 1

Your dedicated BRND WGN task force gets together for an intensive naming workshop. Running through a series of name generating exercises we draft a first list. Then we run an intensive check to examine domain suitability as well as any potential EU-wide trademark risks.

BRND® Naming Workshop 2

Between the two workshops our unconscious mind mulls-things over just in time before jumping into a second naming workshop. After running through another series of exercises we consolidate all notes and the full list of names. These go through a final check and validation before we create our final presentation for you to consider.

Feedback Loop

The most exciting part of the project. Now we get to share our ideas and thinking with you and your team. You can evaluate all options and decide on the exciting future ahead.

Prep for Legal

The calm after the storm. Now we consolidate the final name and URL options ready for your legal team to register and our design team to take into the brand identity design phase.

Stakeholder Presentation (Optional)

It’s always a good idea to get everyone on the same page, so if you need us to present to your people or your board, we’re always happy to stand by our work.