This is how we can help you get there
Brand Framework (Medium)

Define your brand and lock it down for future success.

Using our established methods we build a brand framework that lays down the essential tiers of your brand across three levels: the experienced, the explicit and the intrinsic.

We then work with you and your teams to define your audiences and their state of play. This is the foundation on which all brands are built.

We can deliver: a solid brand purpose, brand proposition, brand principles and audience framework. These will give you the tools to unite your team and make decisions that take you forward. 

  • Research and Discovery
  • BRND® Sprint Workshop
  • Framework Builder
  • Framework Refinery
  • Stakeholder Presentation (Optional)
Brand Naming (Sprint)

Naming is a complex exercise that relies on science as well as creativity, yet the world of trademark law takes pity on nobody.

Naming is complex and the world of trademarking laws take pity on no one. When time is not on your side, we help our clients get ahead with our agile naming sprints. This is not just another business meeting, a sprint is a set of specific exercises where we use all the tricks we’ve learnt over 12 years in the business to find the right name, fast. 

Our process includes a series of collaborative BRND® naming sprints followed by a high-level IP and domain check to get you started before full clearance from your legal team. 

We can deliver: A strong list of names for you to take away. Plus, we will carry out high-level checks for EU trademarks, local competition and domain availability. 

  • Brief-Up and Research
  • BRND® Naming Sprint Workshop
  • Notes Write-Up
Brand Identity Design

Great design may be rooted in strategy, but it often comes alive with intuition.

We specialise in powerful brand strategy and brand identity design for companies in Malta and internationally. Our work has even been featured on Ads of the World.  

By blending logic with imagination we craft unforgettable brand identities, systems and experiences that evolve with our clients’ changing needs. Above all, we prioritise ensuring that brand identities made by us fulfil marketing objectives - and look beautiful while doing it.

We can deliver: Corporate identity, event identity, architectural identity and  brand guidelines. 

  • Research and Planning
  • BRND® Sprint Workshop
  • Design Mood Board
  • Design Identity
  • Design Assets
  • Design Guidelines