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We wanted the Casino.eu website to be a targeted experience. Players interested in a particular game, be it poker or slots, could dive straight into their preferred world and play, or find out the latest news and offers. The concept was to set up a chain of brands and corresponding websites which together create a unified platform connecting thrill-seeking players with casinos.

The Brief

The Work

Securing an identity

We started by giving the mother brand Casino.eu a strong identity. So we combined a bold typeface with a prominent ‘dot’ that would be present throughout the brand family. Orange was to be the primary colour; an energetic hue synonymous with efficiency, partly inspired by the nationality of the Dutch man behind Casino.eu.

We then set out to give each sub-brand its own identity, while retaining visual consistency across the brand family. We assigned a colour to each sub-brand from a carefully selected spectrum, and incorporated a custom icon into the prominent dot.  UX Process  We developed a high-performing scalable system offering a custom solution. Through Casino.eu, we created a central repository for information that all other websites in the ecosystem could feed off.The visual front-end was backed by a user-friendly back-end that enables casinos to update their profiles and broadcast information through push notifications, allowing users to access data in real time.  

User Interface

In line with the mother brand, we designed a fun and playful user interface. The different elements of the user interface we created encourage interaction and immerse users in a fascinating world of gaming.

We continued to build a gamified experience by designing cards to replace traditional information pods. We designed four types of cards – for offers, casinos, games and news – with a unified feel. Each card-type was tailored and designed to showcase the information that would be most relevant to the user.By implementing a live activity feed on the homepage that updates in real time, we established a more instant connection between the casino partners and the players, showing players live updates made by the casinos.

We also made sure the user could easily filter through thousands of games. So we designed a fully responsive filtering system that enhanced the user experience. Users could filter by game type or theme in order to find exactly what they are looking for. The live filter then updates the game cards displayed on screen in real time.  


We enhanced the gamified experience by giving users the ability to play amazing games for free, directly on Casino.eu. Users wishing to take their game to the next level can choose to play at their preferred online casino by using the unique drawer located at the bottom of the game screen.

Most ambitiously, we built a City to showcase all the casino partners, immersing users in a city of bright lights and awesome architecture. We designed a unique style of building to represent each partner for a more custom look. We introduced elements like roads, cards, houses and an airport to add a more realistic feel. The City also functions as an interactive map, allowing users to pan and zoom.

Finally, we ensured that this strong digital experience would be flexible across all platforms. With a customised on-boarding experience, we wanted to make users feel they were physically entering our world of casinos. The introduction of animated graphics helped us achieve an immersive journey within our ecosystem, while continuing to enhance the gamification experience.  

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The results