Every Christmas we thank some of our top clients for their support and friendship with a holiday gift. 2018 was definitely no exception.

For 2018, we went all out, lifting the lid on our creative potential to produce three tasty Christmas jams. A jar for each of the services we offer: strategy, design and tech.

  • Branding
  • UX/UI
  • Website

As with all projects, strategy was our first step. After research and brainstorming, we concluded that jam suited us perfectly. With the help of some internal focus groups and voting sessions, we narrowed down the most popular flavours of winter jam to a clear set of winners. Then, we created a game plan for production and we were ready to go.


We wanted to use our gift to create a visual metaphor for our company, three services, unique in their own way, wrapped up in one package. And, because it’s the thought that counts, all 200 of our presents were built and assembled in-house. We also made sure our design process and execution reflected this homemade touch with elegant packaging that had an artisanal feel, decorated with fluid shapes in our brand colours to reflect our smooth jam.


We topped off our jams with a Christmas story explaining how or idea came to bear fruit…jam. Clients could read it by scanning a handy QR code leading them to a colourful site developed by us. Did we mention the Christmas story was a poem too? We told you we went all out.

Responsible Packaging

Efficiency and responsibility drove our designs this year. There was no single-use plastic, no superficial elements and the package itself can be repurposed into a spice rack, herb garden, or desk organiser.

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