We immediately realised that Magigoo was a ground-breaking product in the 3D printing industry, which made branding this start-up project a privilege, and a blast.

Magigoo is an easy-to-apply 3D printer adhesive, strong enough to work on any material, yet easy to peel off. When approached to create a visual identity for such a unique product, we wanted to be as creative as possible.

During the strategy and exploration phase, we realised that the product and its approach truly stood out from the pack. The founders of Magigoo aim to remove frustration from those in the industry who want to concentrate on what they do best: creating and building things.

We applied vibrant, modular elements to the visual identity of Magigoo, highlighting the product’s versatility in its use and application. To enhance this, a series of icons were designed to function as an extension of the brand identity. Notably, the last two letters of the Magigoo identity were customised to express the product’s gooeyness and represent its consistency. 

We designed the label of the Magigoo marker applicators applying the brand colours and gradient shape elements. Then we designed a simple, roughly-textured cardboard box which contrasts with the brightly coloured label beautifully and creates an element of surprise for customers unpacking it.  

This unique branding was translated into a responsive website, showcasing Magigoo’s properties and benefits through informational videos, enabling customers to purchase the product online.

  • Branding
  • UX/UI
  • Website
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