We partnered with New York Best to refresh their look for the opening of their new bistro. This is how we crafted a sophisticated identity reflecting the culinary skills of their passionate team.

New York Best made plenty of noise on the island when they gave locals the chance to take a bite from the Big Apple. Their next mission was to level-up their brand experience with a different style of dining   and the same passion for great food. The New York Best Bistro. 

It was a coming-of-age story we were happy to support. 

  • Branding

Before we could make the next step and “start spreading the news” there had to be a re-evaluation of the brand as a whole. Using our BRND Framework we worked with the NYB team to re-energise their purpose and re-define what the NYB brand stands for.

Food that’s done right, with passion, and with all due respect — using these guiding principles, we were ready to drive the brand forward with a New York state of mind.


Our goal for design was simple: translate the mature shift NYB was making. We decided to stay true to the roots of the brand by keeping the logo’s image of the Chrysler Building, giving it a new flavour with an art deco style.

The final result was a sophisticated identity able to reflect the dedication, passion and culinary skill the guys at NYB bring to the table.

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