When YUFU wanted our help to brand their new authentic Asian takeaway concept, we were raring to go.

YUFU cooks Asian food, the way it’s supposed to be – using fresh ingredients and no flavour-enhancing chemicals and preservatives. This was the starting point for our creative team who whipped up the name YUFU, a catchy sound reminiscent of the Asian world. 

To make sure everyone, from our own team to theirs, delivered on this commitment to a higher quality takeaway, our strategists developed the Brand Declaration – A set of brand values where we promised: “Food that’s nutritious and flavour-packed, without the use of chemicals and preservatives…bringing it to you in a different way.”

We crafted a visual language that stands out across all applications – from neon signs, to packaging and menus. Taking inspiration from the bright colours of Asia’s biggest cities, we created a range of energetic colours as vibrant as the food on offer. 

Our designers came up with a series of playful patterns and elements. A customised set of emoji-inspired icons was created to visually match the diversity of the menu, turning the YUFU brand experience into a feast for the eyes.

We mimicked the iconic brush stroke of Chinese calligraphy, giving it a modern twist and simplifying the font so that it would work easily, no matter the application – print or digital.

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During our first meeting, the creative team at BRND WGN instantly got what our vision was. It is a pleasure to work with the team, and we look forward to developing the brand further together.
Pierre Farrugia
Owner, YUFU
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