When we rebranded Malta’s leading communications company GO, our next big task was to apply their revived identity and feel to their online experience.

GO is Malta’s leading communications services company. As the first quad play provider in Malta, GO provides mobile, fixed line, internet and TV services to over 500,000 customers.

Following their rebranding, GO needed their website to reflect an innovative company with a variety of services and products in tune with different people and their different communication needs.

GO briefed us to make their new website easier to navigate, more visually appealing to younger audiences, accessible and truly informative to potential and current customers, while putting their products in the spotlight.

  • UX/UI
  • Website
User Personas

With so many types of customers visiting the GO website on a daily basis, our first step was to identify the key personas who would browse for GO Personal & Business products, in order to anticipate their needs and properly cater for them.


After mapping out the old website’s most frequent user journeys and pain points, we worked on shortening and optimising those journeys, which would empower customers with the right information right away, and enable the support team at GO to focus on subscription requests. Our first step was to create a detailed sitemap which we would then develop into a wireframe.


We developed wireframes with different devices in mind, making sure we would show GO’s integrated offer and simplify our users’ journey, while staying true to the brand.

Visual Driver

The GO arrow represents a pioneer in technological solutions, an organisation with a drive to move Malta forward. We applied the brand guidelines and colours throughout the website with a young and fresh new look.

We also developed a set of custom-made icons, which we applied to all digital touch-points to achieve brand consistency.


We redefined the entire website navigation with clarity in mind, making Internet, Phone, Mobile and TV products immediately available for everyone to browse, with a careful eye on accessibility for all ages and computer literacy levels.

Product Elements

We ensured each GO product was linked with the most relevant add-ons and packs. To take it up a notch, we added lively micro-interactions and movement throughout the website.

UX Testing

Before going online with the new GO website, we gathered a group of people to test different prototypes of the most important actions we wanted users to take, based on our UX strategy. We treasured their feedback and amended accordingly, never losing track of the dynamic experience we wanted to offer. The result was a fresh, easy and complete website, ready to go.

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