The Maltese market is not monolithic, monochromatic or one-dimensional, and it is definitely not dull. So when one of Malta’s leading wine brands, Camilleri, wanted to reassert itself and rebrand the leader of its pack – the Palatino range – the brief was to create packaging to reflect this excitement.

Our thinking: Rather than simply offer a traditional stance in the wine market, we decided to add spark and a touch of finesse to the 2015 bottle. The emblems of the Palatino Range were inspired by the mosaics and patterns of the sprawling Imperial Palaces of the Palatine Hill, where the mythical brothers Romulus and Remus were said to have founded the Empire of Rome. We then opted for a vibrant colour palette to achieve a cutting-edge and playful modern design.

We launched the new packaging through a full 360-degree media activation campaign, including billboards, bus shelter ads and animated TV commercials. The packaging was a great success and was featured on esteemed packaging websites The Dieline and Bēhance Packaging Served.

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