Dr Juice, a household name in Malta, came to us with a challenge. Their business was growing and they wanted to establish themselves as the ‘healthy but cool’ juice brand on the island. Challenge juiced and accepted.

A few months away from launching their new flagship store with a focus on natural good food, Dr Juice wanted to devise an effective marketing campaign and strategy to drive people in-store. They also asked us to unite a fragmented brand that had too many messages and design elements, into an impactful and recognisable visual style.

We wanted to tell the story of natural, good food through every single brand touchpoint. Starting with the story of the brand’s beginnings, we wanted to celebrate the simple but fresh ingredients they use in their products, as well as their dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Our goal was to create an inspiring brand that’s honest and not preachy. No fuss. Just good ingredients and good people. 

We partnered with Dr Juice to develop a brand strategy, tone of voice, social media campaign, retail concept and in-store experience. First we launched a competition on Dr Juice’s Facebook page for followers to give a fun and quirky name to the Dr Juice employees. After hundreds of comments, we chose the catchy name ‘The Juicynators’.

We art-directed a photoshoot with The Juicynators and created social media content featuring some interesting facts about them, to open up conversations both online and in-store. We also created eye-catching images and a video, featuring the naked, fresh ingredients in all their glory whilst highlighting their health benefits for an educational campaign. 

Finally, we designed murals for the flagship store using the playful tone of voice and fun visual language we developed for the brand. 

Made with ingredients you can pronounce and with taste high on the menu, the new flagship store launched with great success. Finally we made sure that whether the audience is viewing the brand’s story online or in-store, they are getting the full Dr Juice experience.

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