When do you stop being a start-up?

The real question is: What happens when you stop being a start-up? Do you start winding-down? Is success the end of the road?

I remember the excitement during the early days of being a start-up, even though there was an acknowledged acceptance that failure was very possible and every day conquered was a success worth celebrating, albeit alone. That costs had to be kept low, the work had to be exceptional and consistent, and we needed a very clear plan and vision of what had to be achieved next.

The truth is, ten years later, nothing has changed. Nothing except the risk is now bigger. And when we celebrate success now, we celebrate as a group of 40 very close friends.

The journey is long. In fact, it never really ends. Which is why it is so important to know where you are heading. And even though the next step might be on uneven ground, you’ll enjoy the uncertainty, safe in the knowledge that it’s only ever one uneven step.

Remember, it is the journey that is really exciting, sprinkled with colourful experiences that you might miss out on if you take your eye off the road. So make sure to boost your awareness and heighten your senses.

You’ll meet lots of strangers along the way. Take the time to meet them, to get to know them, share your vision with them, and see if they get as excited as you. Hear their stories, listen to their dreams, because some might align with yours, even if others might not. Don’t rush into friendships, but jump into the chance that a chat might lead to one. That’s how we grew our WGN.

Our road is long, but we’re still a start-up. A ten year old start-up. And we’re still as excited as we were during those first days.