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Why the world needs more Revolution Brands, right now.

We live in challenging times. Times to question and times to query, resulting in market hesitation, leadership frustration and, eventually, revolution.

What started out with the Arab Spring has taken on different guises and spread across Europe, resulting in Brexit to the rise of the far right. And, across the pond, the election of a President of unprecedented allure.

However, this show of ‘expression’ is not new. Think Millennials, the 60s, and Renaissance art. This is anti-establishmentarianism at its finest, with all the beauty and disruption that such moments in time bring about. The world is craving for the next Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther King, Picasso, John Lennon…

This level of disruption and uncertainty will bring some brands crushing to their knees. But others will shine and become a beacon of hope to those looking for a rock to cling on to. The brands that make it through are the ‘revolution brands’: brands ready to take a stand, and stand strong. Brands ready to join in the revolution because they are part of the movement behind it. The brands in which we trust.

We’ve seen those brands before, although many lost their fighting spirit and relevance along the way: the VW Beetle, CocaCola, Apple, BodyShop and Mini - brands that previously symobolised a new generation (peace, rebellion, art) are today risking being seen as sell-outs by the purists.

So, what happened? Those behind the brand stopped revolting? They became complacent and staid?

A ‘revolution brand’ needs to keep 'challenging’ the thinking of the time.

Revolutions need to start in the boardroom and join the talk by the water cooler. They need to start by asking the questions that keep everybody up at night: ‘Why do we exist?’. ‘What’s our role in life?’. ‘How can we leave this place in a better state than how we found it?’.

Is your brand a 'revolution brand’?