Let’s come together

Collaborating has never been more important.

When US agency PHD won the $3billion VW account last year, nobody really saw it coming. Yet behind the great strategies, pitch content and ability to demonstrate how they could scale, most of the team will credit an internal planning/collaborating app called Source as key. 

“What 'Source' really created is a world of abundance in terms of creativity, even if you are just one person working at your desk,” explains Will Wiseman, President of Strategy and Planning at PHD U.S. “It’s truly, truly unique and feels very much like a tool that is born out of the language of social media and gaming applied in a language of media.” 

Beyond scooping “one of the largest media account wins in history”, they also raked-in $4 billion of media spend in wins, generating $750 million in revenue, a 15 percent gain over the previous year, opened nine offices worldwide, and recruited 500 new team members to meet the demands of the massive VW business alone. They were also awarded Global Media Agency of the Year 2016. 

Quite simply, collaboration unlocks the key to moving forward.  You’re either with us or you’re against us. Sitting on the same side of the fence, with a clear destination in sight, the willingness to support each other, and the humility to know that none of us is bigger or better than both of us, is what enables success. Because success is not a given, and luck has nothing to do with it. 

Vision, and a team of people working together, is what really makes the magic happen. These days more than ever.  I’ve seen way too many ideas, projects and organisations go to the dogs, just because people didn’t collaborate. But I’ve also been fortunate enough to see how good collaboration can be the true enabler of success. 

When BRND WGN started way back in 2006, I was too young and inexperienced to go it alone. It was only thanks to the talented pool of creatives and enthusiastic clients that we managed to stay afloat and produce some great work. In fact, all our best work grew from meaningful collaborations within the team, working together with our clients, and sharing the same vision. 

And it is because we believe so much in collaboration that we have decided to team-up with another like-minded agency, New Haircut, to host a Design Sprint Workshop at our creative hub in Naxxar 9-10 March. Suitable for CEOs, company visionaries, startup-ers, budding entrepreneurs, or anyone creative, this process will give participants all the tools and techniques needed to run a design sprint. 

But why team-up with New haircut? As leaders in the Design Sprint Workshop field, we will learn and grow as a company if our capabilities compliment each other, adding value to what we can offer clients, extending our reach. For more details click here

I truly believe that for our collaboration with New Haircut (and with anyone else) to achieve its goals, there is more to it than just  letting down your guard. It is about being open to learn and leverage each other’s strengths,  as a client, as a creative and as a partner. 

Source: The $3Billion Account the shook the Media World, By Katie Richards, as published on AdWeek