Stepping into Sarto’s store is walking into a world of sleek, clean lines and rich, brown hues. Hints of copper and gold are accentuated with tastefully carved woodwork.

Bringing you the highest in high fashion, this shop floor exudes an understated form of elegance reminiscent of by-gone eras. Top designer fashion labels were about to be brought together under one identity. The client already had a name: Sarto, meaning ‘tailor’ in Italian. Our job was to cloak it in luxury branding that suited its sophistication.

The brand deserved an exclusive craft to match the tailor’s attention to detail. We designed a bespoke pattern and used it to seamlessly stitch together the branding with the shop’s interiors. This elegant pattern adorned the laser-cut envelopes that encased hand-crafted invites carved and etched onto a metal and wood surface. They were sent to key clients to announce the launch of the new identity. We created a suite of stationery, shopping bags, POS, tags and labels. All these elements came together to create a warmth and sophistication that exudes luxury.

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