Reposit aims to revolutionise an industry by offering smart alternatives to cash deposits. It empowers landlords by offering more protection whilst letting properties faster. The best alternative to cash deposits in the UK. BRND WGN collaborated closely with Reposit, following our involvement for their new brand identity overhaul, we strengthened their digital presence by developing a new platform for both desktop and mobile.

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • UX/UI
  • Website

Every single creative choice was informed by simplicity, innovation and seamlessness. The new company tagline ‘Life, uncomplicated’ is a prime example of the philosophy behind the whole project.


When designing the brand mark, the creative team set out to create a symbol that projects a sense of seamlessness and security. This was then complemented with a custom geometric typeface characterised by perfect circular letterforms and slanted terminals.


Renting a property should be a great experience. With this in mind, the tech team developed a website with customer-centric capabilities. Such tools give tenants the possibility to calculate savings based on their monthly rents and compare what’s on the market.

In beginning we evaluated multiple platforms for Reposit whilst working hand in hand with the team at Reposit to better understand their scope. The result was that WordPress emerged as a clear choice. The WordPress platform offered excellent loading speed and powerful marketing tools which gave it the edge over other existing website development platforms. From a marketing perspective, WordPress sites tend to rank high for their keywords. WordPress looks to include a variety of tools and plugins for optimising content for SEO.


At BRND WGN, our UX/UI team ensured that three main characteristics were followed these being; customer-centric, ease-of-use and responsive. The Reposit website focuses on providing a positive customer experience when browsing the website. Key elements which facilitate this is highlighting the client’s key offerings in three individual cards with carefully curated custom iconography set. These cards propose suggestive information for the user to understand what Reposit offers at a glance. Across the website the use of imagery plays a crucial part in creating that human element which again re-enforces customer-centricity. The brand elements are used as placeholders for imagery across the website. The website includes social-proof section to further build trust between Reposit and the customer. These sections help the user understand the relevance of Reposit in the market. The web development team developed a card based testimonial component to showcase success stories of existing users. The website offers a clean and concise design which makes it easy to use. A fundamental aspect to engage users are the well defined call-to-action buttons. These elements enhance Reposit’s online success by acting as the first step in the sales funnel process. The clear and well crafted design makes it easy to target Reposit’s 3 main stakeholders, those being; Agents, Landlords and Tenants. An increase in mobile device usage ensured that the website is responsive to all devices. It is imperative to have a consistent website presence across all devices to ensure improved SEO and higher conversion rates.

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