Michael Debono Ltd wanted us to create a name and brand identity for a new bike concept store which fully supports the rider community. And that is how WOTOMOTO was born.

We came up with the name WOTOMOTO as a playful take on the expression “What a bike!”, a name which embodies the brand’s fun character.

With such a unique and intriguing name, we immediately decided to explore the idea of an ambigram. We designed the letters W & M in the logo so that they interchangeably reflect each other, creating a memorable badge-like identity for a culturally innovative brand. It looks bold, and it sounds even bolder.

But the WOTOMOTO brand is more than its logo. It’s the way they speak, how they make others feel, and the experiences they curate for riders. They are a fresh and environmentally-friendly movement. They are daring, professional and care deeply for the community. This is the tone we wanted to adapt across all brand applications. 

Another aspect which makes WOTOMOTO stand out is how it seeks to build strong relationships with riders. Its exceptionally trained staff members offer consultation of the highest standard. Buying a bike from their showroom is an individualised experience, aimed at building a tribe of passionate moto-lovers. We wanted to communicate this with an in-store experience that matches the ethos and passion of the brand.

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