Austrian home furnishing company XXXLutz was about to launch a new furniture sub brand called Insido. The company, the second largest home retailer in the European market after Ikea, was introducing a more upmarket product to its portfolio.

We wanted to ensure that people choosing Insido did not feel they were settling for a cookie-cutter home. Insido was to be a quality, affordable lifestyle brand that offered enough choice for buyers to feel a unique sense of identity in their purchases.

Our first challenge was to understand how this brand fit into the rest of XXXLutz’s portfolio and what this meant to customers. We partnered with the company’s in-house team to understand the processes, people and craft involved in creating the quality products.

We created a sleek brand identity inspired by the tactile aspect of the natural materials used during the furniture-making process. We complemented this with a distinctive wordmark: We selected a rigid font, reflecting the product’s excellence, and further curated the letterform by injecting distinctive qualities, such as softer curves – for a cosier, more homey, feel.

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