Gianpula Village is where Malta goes to party, and it’s where good vibes come to life. We wanted to present the island’s most versatile entertainment venue as an impressive brand that can confidently dance to its own tune.

Our strategy was to take the seven fragmented clubs and turn them into the ultimate nightlife destination, a must-visit village. The positioning celebrates the village as “the destination and the journey” for party people from all over the globe. 

The brand embodies an upbeat yet sophisticated music-focused lifestyle, designed to become the paramount location for the next-level nightlife experience.

The brand also represents an array of personalities. It embodies complexity and variation, which we achieved through a layered approach. We expressed the vibrancy of music through a formula of gradients, saturated hues and variable pattern palettes that evoke the unique Gianpula brand.

Our goal was to create a brand language that goes far beyond the logo. We created a bold and unique photographic treatment, in combination with additional refreshing visual elements, to express the dynamic and slick tone of the brand in every touchpoint.

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