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The opening of a high-end restaurant with exceptional food and stunning views of the Valletta harbour meant that it was time for us to develop a name, brand identity and digital experience for this new venture.

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Strategy
  • UX/UI
  • Website
Brand Identity

The client had a strong vision for the new restaurant, so we took inspiration from the Evil Eye, a staple in Maltese culture, making it the essential feature to identify ION’s fusion with our island. The name for the new restaurant came from a collaborative process which involved Iniala from the very beginning. Together, we explored different routes and named the venue ION.


The effortless look of the brand identity adds to the sophistication of ION. The eye in the logo represents the rich Maltese history that surrounds the restaurant, as well as its location looking over the Valletta harbour. The restaurant itself is moderately branded so we keep the focus on what truly matters – the art of great food, paired with a vibrant experience.

The Details

For such a refined place, we decided to go with a mix of subtle colours and brilliant ones so that the restaurant is given a lavish feel to it, heightening its elegance. We chose to integrate design elements from the topography of the harbour within the menus and cards. A little goes a long way, so ION also show this detail in the little boxes of sweets given to customers.


Our tech team did a great job in creating a high quality website that reflects the brand identity that we developed. Not only is it user friendly, but it is just as elegant as the restaurant experience itself. The team created a seamless site that truly mirrors the elegance of the brand, starting from work on the sitemap all the way through to developing it, complete with table reservations capabilities, key information and menu viewing.

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