GVZH Advocates is a modern, prestigious and forward-looking law firm. They came to us for a re-branded image and website to match their top-tier excellence.

With the merging of two law firms in early 2016, GVZH Advocates was born. To brand their newly-established hybrid, we had to respect both firms’ decades of reputable experience, whilst also keeping a contemporary mindset.

For the identity, the original typography was essentially maintained; a classic all-capitals serif font, evoking authority and dominance in the field of legal practice. With the additional choice of gold text prominently laid onto a lush green background, we gave the logo a more sophisticated and refined look.

We wanted this look to also be translated for their digital platforms. For the website’s UI we went for a look with a contemporary edge that perfectly communicates one of the firm’s main goals; to cultivate long-term and meaningful relationships with its clients and partners. Grayscale photos of Maltese architecture and heritage now accompany each section, producing powerful imagery that complements the firm’s exceptional services. The new website is a clean slate for GVZH, yet still a testament to its important history.

We went even further as the client wanted a 360° degree implementation of our ideas. All the signage and stationery of the firm was carefully crafted to reflect the new branding. From business cards and letterheads to court files and pens, we made sure the GVZH Advocates brand could reach its full potential.

  • Branding
  • UX/UI
  • Website
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