iGaming NEXT is the go-to event for the iGaming industry, bringing together operators, suppliers, investors and media from all over the world.

In 2019, the team behind iGaming NEXT needed a new identity for the first edition of the event, to stand out in a crowded scenario of digital-first initiatives being held that year.

  • Branding
  • UX/UI
  • Website
Strategic beginnings

First, we identified how we wanted to strategically position the event. iGaming NEXT features an exciting mix of speakers discussing the latest industry developments as well as pitching their solutions to media and investors, all carefully coached by TED speakers to ensure quality content that resonates.

Therefore, a content-driven conference focused on the future of iGaming.

Brand identity

Then, we worked on an identity to drive this positioning. Our aim was to make iGaming NEXT stand out as a thought leader in the industry, while keeping the identity vibrant and in tune with the tech world.

So we took inspiration from the ‘play’ button icon and designed a dynamic identity for an event that looks to the future.

The logo was designed to be animation-friendly. We chose yellow and charcoal grey to complement each other and work well with bold typography, while being very different from the neon palettes typically associated with tech and iGaming. 

AI meets gaming

As a visual driver of the event, we decided to play with the contrast between old and new. An iGaming evergreen – the slot machine – complemented by the sound waves of an AI voice.

For the iGaming NEXT website and social media, we created a 3D animated model of the slot machine, and it also became a ticket scanning machine to greet attendees at the venue.


iGaming NEXT 2019 went quickly sold out. Today, with a global pandemic making 2020 the year of remote arrangements, the summit’s totally digital content is engaging thousands of viewers, always backed by a solid positioning, and a brand with a different spin.

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