One of Malta’s leading tech companies, SG Solutions, came to us for a brand refresh. SG Solutions, a member of the VJ Salomone Group of Companies, started off as a technology distribution company. It soon evolved into one that offers a full range of IT services and solutions. This happened following a 2004 merger between two pioneers in the Maltese ICT industry with some 40 years of shared experience in the sector.

As we set out to revamp this brand, we knew we wanted to create a look and feel that celebrates technology. But not only. We also wanted to pay tribute to the brand’s rich heritage and its commitment towards offering an excellent and reputable customer service.

The new SG Solutions logo was constructed to embody the new visual direction of the brand. We created a fresh and approachable identity that reflects technology. It also tells a story of brand heritage.

  • Branding
Visual identity & playful application

Visual identity is more than creating a powerful logo. It’s about creating a whole visual language. We designed instantly-recognisable patterns that reflect what the brand stands for. These playful patterns focus on digital elements found on the typeface, reflecting technology.

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