When Banif Bank came to us to develop a new brand, we knew this project would have its fair share of risks. We also knew that, if well managed, it would be a huge opportunity, despite a very short turnaround.

Using our proprietary Rebranding Processes, we engaged in research, consultations and workshops to discover and establish the true essence of the brand that would define the road ahead. 

The new brand had to reassure the bank’s existing clients that they were still in stable, capable hands. They had to feel a sense of continuation with the Banif brand they trusted.

The name ‘BNF Bank’ echoes the past, but looks to the future. Working closely with a team from the bank, we built the BNF brand on the values of ambition, responsibility and empathy.

BNF was to be modelled as a bank with very human attributes, that believes in the power of simple, straightforward and honest conversation. This was key to crafting a powerful brand proposition: Opportunities start with conversations.

The instantly recognisable indigo colour that Banif owned in the market was not to be challenged too much. We intensified the hue to make it bolder. We retained the arrow element of the previous logo and refreshed it – to, once again, reinforce the link with the past, for a brand that was moving forward. 

We designed three unique patterns to serve as an extension of the brand’s personality and enrich it’s visual identity: The fingerprint pattern represents BNF’s human side and customer-centric approach. The wave signifies a brand in motion, while the apex stands for a brand that keeps moving forward. 

We designed all the collateral to reflect the new brand. As launch day approached we scripted, directed and animated reveal videos that were shown to customers and employees and shared on social media. 

In October 2017, Banif Bank became BNF Bank – a name that evolved from a proud history, whilst creating an exciting opportunity to build a new future. 

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