Why we won't do media anymore

& how we’re transforming into a Value Based Agency

In 2014 our leadership team sat down to map out the future of BRND WGN. We openly discussed what unwavering values we should live by, what type of work we want to do, who we want to work for and how we’re going to achieve this moving forward. 

We captured three beliefs that we wanted to live by:

  1. Challenge everything.
  2. Be brutally honest.
  3. Have fun.

Starting from the top, we challenged who we were and where we were going. During our discussions it became clear the traditional agency model would have to change if we really wanted to be brutally honest with our clients.

So we set a target: by January 2017 we would transform BRND WGN completely into a Value Based Agency.  This decision meant cutting our ties to any revenue streams which are commission-based - including reselling third party products or services and, in particular, traditional media buying and printing.

As a strategic, creative agency we strive to be honest, independent and objective.  We want to be in a position where our recommendations are independent and strategic — uninfluenced by revenue.

January 2017 is now upon us and we can start rolling out the plans we’ve been working on primarily by moving out of the ‘media-buying’ space and strengthening our position as strategic partners of the brands we love, for the love of brands. 

So what does that really mean?

Quite simply - if you are looking for unbiased advice or if you need someone to help you navigate through the complexity of optimising your digital media, then feel free to ask us - we will charge you for the time it takes us to formulate our recommendations and the insight required to make you successful.

Is this a crazy idea? Only time will tell. But we look forward to leading this change.