“What’s Possible?” Web Design and Web Development Projects from 2021

Web development isn’t just about beautiful, intuitive design. It’s a much more balanced world where user experience (UX), accessibility, and business goals sho

Web development isn’t just about beautiful, intuitive design. It’s a much more balanced world where user experience (UX), accessibility, and business goals should all unite. 

At BRND WGN we have a passion for building brands and translating them into amazing online experiences. That’s why our tech team makes sure we’re going above and beyond web design expectations, elevating all three key areas: branding, intuitive navigation, and clear CTA’s. 


When you invite guests over for dinner, you want to make a good first impression. The same logic applies to your website. With only a short amount of time to grab attention, you need to engage your visitors, convey the unique personality of your brand and convert them to customers - your website is your 24/7 storefront! 

To ensure consistency across all of your customer touchpoints, your website should build off the foundations laid down during your brand creation. This will enable your marketing efforts, strengthen brand awareness and help build an ongoing relationship between your brand and your customers.

The representation of the brand through its website design is the essence of a good web development strategy that can increase brand value. So once your design and layout are in shape, make sure that your customers are getting all the information they need about your quality services and products to make a sale; your website is a powerful tool that should express who you are and how you’re shaking up the business world. 

Intuitive Navigation

Your website shouldn’t be a treasure hunt.  A user’s impulse to punish customer experience, at least more readily than to reward it, plays out in your website’s bounce rate - the ratio of the total number of visitors that click off your website after just a few seconds.

If your navigation isn’t easy and intuitive, your visitors will be more apt to click the back button than navigate further. Your navigation needs to help the user find what they’re looking for quickly and aid your search engine rankings - in that order.  

Clear and descriptive navigation and buttons will help users to explore and access your content intuitively. Use words that your visitors would use and are actively searching for.  

If you make it easy for people to navigate your website you’ll give them a deep, engaging experience, that will make the difference between a returning and ‘bounced’ customer.

Clear CTA’s

You’ve got your users onto your site, they’re delighted with the design and navigation, and now you need to offer one attractive solution that makes them jump into business with you. Calls-to-action (CTAs) motivate your customers to convert, whether by purchasing your products, subscribing to your content or booking a call or appointment. 

Spur your users to action with a powerful CTA that’s backed up with a bold, contrasting colour to give your visitors an idea of what they can click on and what would happen if they do.

Web development isn’t just about beautiful, intuitive design. It’s a much more balanced world where user experience (UX), accessibility, and business goals should all unite.

Every brand should want to maximise their website’s performance, as it shows that you care about your new and existing customers and are living up to your brand’s purpose. 

If you’re still asking ‘what’s possible?’, we’ve summarised the web design and development projects that BRND WGN was entrusted with last year. 

The BRND WGN 2021 Portfolio

Daisy Park
Daisy Park is a local childcare centre that boasts spacious outdoor play areas and engaging, playful and inspiring daily activities. Website Link

Mockup of Daisy Park Website

RE/MAX Malta is the fastest growing real estate organisation in Malta and Gozo. The organisation has been built on a strong foundation of a highly experienced management team, franchisees, partners as well as professionally educated property sales and property letting Sales Associates. Website Link

Mockup of RE/MAX Website

Bluefort is a Microsoft Partner that strengthens the business foundations by streamlining Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Subscription Automation Solutions for their customers and Global Partner Channels. Website Link

Mockup of Bluefort Website

FRVR is building the ecosystem that brings captivating games to billions of players instantly. They are redefining game distribution, as the world leader in building successful game channels beyond the app stores. Website Link

Mock up of FRVR website

Amis provides beauty and wellbeing services using in-house therapists and external service providers. Website Link

Mock up of AMIS Website

Ardenfort is a business performance enabler using tech and process automation. Website Link

Mock up of Ardenfort website

Mizzi Organisation & Mizzi Organisation Finance plc
The Mizzi Organisation is a conglomerate of business units spanning a broad portfolio of business interests and industry sectors. Mizzi Organisation Finance plc is a fully owned subsidiary of The Mizzi Organisation and acts as the Finance Company of the Group by raising debt from the Capital Markets. Website Link (Mizzi Organisation) Website Link (Mizzi Finance)

Mock up of Mizzi Organisation Website
Mock up of Mizzi Finance Website

Zampa Debattista & ZD Academy 
Zampa Debattista is a 360-degree business advisory covering areas such as Direct and Indirect Taxation, Financial Reporting and Assurance. ZD Academy is the only educational center of its kind, focusing on real case studies, practical scenarios and specialised knowledge of Accountancy. Website Link (Zampa Debattista) Website Link (ZD Academy)

Mock up of Zampa Debattista Website
Mock up of ZD ACADEMY Website

Rhino Group
Rhino Group is a leading online casino group in Germany with a portfolio of successful brands to its name. 
Website Link

Mock up of Rhino Group website

Aqualuna is a luxurious private beach club on the waters edge with 180º views of Manoel Island and Valletta. Website Link

Mock up of Aqualuna Website

GVZH is a Maltese law firm dedicated to providing legal solutions that are soundly structured, rigorously tested and meticulously implemented. Website Link

Mock up of GVZH website

Amani Global
Amani Global maps the characteristics and dynamics of ethical companies and responsible leaders to enable stakeholders to build and back better companies and a better future. Website Link

Mock up of Amani Global website

Corinthia Oasis
The Corinthia Group is part of the luxury hospitality world, achieving the highest accolades for its hotels in different countries around the globe. Website Link

Mock up of Corinthia Oasis Website

ISL is an IT company that specialises in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Website Link

Mock up of ISL website

Attard & Co
Attard & Co operates in the field of Sales, Distribution and Marketing of a wide range of high quality food and beverage branded products. Website Link

Mock up of Attard & Co website

Danish Bakery
Jesper’s is one of the leading bakeries in Malta, producing all types of bread with a mission to ensure that the whole family can enjoy it as part of a healthy balanced diet. Website Link

Mock up of Danish Bakery Website

Let your website lead the way

You might be clear on your 2022 objectives but perhaps not confident in knowing how to get there. Whether you’re making tweaks, refreshing it, or building it from the ground up, getting your website in shape is a good place to start. 

A successful web design and development project comes down to choosing an expert team, like BRND WGN that has a strong heritage in building brand experiences that get noticed.  We concentrate on ensuring your site can be seamlessly translated onto any device. As well as being enjoyable for the customer to use and secure and scalable for your needs now and down the line.

We can’t give away all of our tips and tricks, but we can certainly show you what’s possible. Let’s chat.