Top tips for your 2021 communication

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The WGN’s short guide to ensure you send the right message for maximum awareness.

The WGN’s short guide to ensure you send the right message for maximum awareness.

A brand is what a brand does. In 2020 this was true for many reasons, as businesses had to adapt quickly to the many challenges brought by the pandemic.

For 2021, with vaccines slowly being released, hopes are higher and outlooks brighter. If your business has managed to make it up to here, kudos to you and your team. Now it’s fundamental to optimise your marketing budgets and get maximum yield for your objectives.

What is worth communicating this year? Once you’ve re-evaluated who your customers are today and where you can reach them most effectively, here are some ideas to help you select a relevant message that you can translate into a powerful campaign.

How has your company changed?

Change takes on many shapes. The pandemic may have forced you to restructure your team so that you could strengthen certain areas. As a result, your company values may have evolved too. A brand campaign to communicate some of these changes can make you significant and appealing within your market. 

How has your offer changed?

How does your offer fit the market now? Everyone is looking for quick solutions to address their problems. If you’re offering a new product or service, or if you believe that something specific about your offer is more in tune with today’s needs, a product campaign around it may be a good idea.

How are you fulfilling your customers’ needs?

Customer experience is just an empty buzzword if it’s not translated into practical support. Have you taken some time to craft a better website? Have you expanded your customer support team? Have your working hours changed to better service your clients? Let them know, loud and clear.

What’s the story behind your decisions?

Stories make us unique. Shared stories make us relatable. A story about how you’ve come up with new solutions during 2020 is something your audience can appreciate. Communicating that you’re now a better brand, ready to tackle their needs in ways you never did before, will help you spice up your relationship with loyal customers and become more interesting in the eyes of new ones. 

Now it’s your turn to reflect on these questions and find your customers’ sweet spot. In a world of same old, same old messages, standing out with an effective, creative and unique campaign will help kickstart your 2021 in a positive and profitable way. 

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