Time to be significant

2020 brought with it everything that we had least expected.

2020 brought with it everything that we had least expected.

As we start winding down Q3, sprint through Q4 and plan 2021, we all start to wonder what stands before us.

Words like ‘unprecedented’ and terms like ‘The New Normal’ have faded into the background as we try to crack on with whichever stage we still stand in along the proverbial ‘change curve’.

Whilst many of us professed that ‘the age of transformation’ was nigh, none of us in our wildest of nightmares would have ever expected such a sombre mess would hit. 

For those of us who have accepted what has happened, and moved onwards through the struggle, well done - that is the only way and it’s called the The Art of Acquiescence.

It is time however to stop over-dwindling with this mindful mindlessness, with over-focusing on the present, and start to obsess with how we reset for the future. To forge ahead with our journey, taking with us our people and our brands.

We are where we are now, and this is it, it’s time to find a way. A new way. This is the time to be significant.

As partners, as lovers, as leaders, as friends; as ambassadors, as consumers, as parents and as children and as bare naked humans that we all are - we need to focus on changing as opposed to being changed. It’s time to join the revolution, let’s not let a good crisis go to waste.

We have all been shaken somehow or other, surely those new battle scars must mean something. If you haven’t taken time to reconsider everything that was taken for granted in your life to date, get your head out of the sand. Now. 

The way we work, the way we socialise, the way we eat, the way we learn and the way we educate is all up for change now, and this should be exciting. Transformation is a good thing, it’s time to bring out the visionaries and the blue sky thinkers.

Forget about the optimists, we need the realist resilient ones. We need those ready to get back up when the enthusiasm fades, after we fall and fail we need those ready to get up again.

It’s time to believe in better. But its time to cut the crap and do better too. That means taking a hard look at what you are doing as a brand, as a business, as a leader and as a consumer.

It is time to re-examine our principles, question our purpose and really assess our priorities. Your people, your stakeholders and your customers will not close an eye any longer.

If your brand has managed to come this far and still survived, show your gratitude and do something significant. If your business is hanging by a thread, keep a firm grip with one hand whilst you pivot a stronger and more significant route with the other hand. 

Being significant means rewarding brand loyalty not only through benefits and coupons, but with a firm resolution that you will continue to uphold your brand promise.

Be significant by being bold. Be significant to your significant others; your team, your partners and your community. Be significant by focusing on what really matters. 

Do something significant, not by changing your profile picture with whatever colours and iconography is currently trending but by asking yourself ‘Why do we exist?’ and ‘How do we want to change the world?’.

Challenge everything. Be brutally honest. Have fun.

Are you planning something significant for your brand? Do any of these challenges sound familiar?
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