5 videos to inspire you

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These videos should inspire you.

1. At least what I think…


The question “What is creativity?” is asked countless times. And there isn’t a way of answering it without sounding cliché, or like a hipster enjoying his freshly-ground coffee with beans coming all the way from Costa Rica. However, this video does a good job in answering the age-old question. It’s personal and to the point. It doesn’t beat around the bush and the animation is different — which is answering the question in itself.

2. Hitting the right note.

Who doesn’t love piano? I’m a sucker for piano soundtracks and this had my attention as soon as the first key struck. The more stripped down the piece, the more I get lost in it. This video uses piano keys to tell a story, about none other than music. It plays with melody, pitch, frequency, overtones — you name it.

3. The Artful Vandal.

We all like to believe we have a bit of ‘rebel’ inside. We love a good film that ridicules “the system”. I want to believe that this video is me, if I were a French artist with a voice that could turn any man into butter. I like that she chose art to express what she feels, and that she uses street art as her medium. The French Banksy some might say.

4. As raw as it gets.


The first time I delved into the “art world” was when I picked up my father’s camera and began to snap away. Photography is how I got started and it’s something I will never get tired of. My favourite photographers are the ones who document their lives. Nothing is staged or set-up. The “canvas” is their everyday life, and show the viewer how you see the world. In “Cuba Raw” we see a video which doesn’t have a single movie clip. This video is made up of photographs with the photographer narrating his experiences of living in Cuba. There are no special effects, no fancy typography. It’s a slideshow put to music. And it’s beautiful.

5. Dance like no one is watching.

Who doesn’t dance in their room? If you don’t….you need to start doing it. You become Beyoncé for a minute or two and it’s Fabulous. You just imagine your crush looking at you in the club and thinking to themselves: “Cute”. This video is that moment. With a white background, a camera, and some 'fetch' motion graphics. It’s just about busting shapes, shaking your tush and showing the entire dance floor that you mean business.