Why The Stories We Tell Have Never Been More Important

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Our creative copywriter @katietsouros tells us why crafting a story with authenticity and heart has never been more important for brands and businesses. In a world of saturation, creating a narrative that resonates and connects with the people it speaks to has become your brand’s biggest asset.

We live in a space where the internet rules, and saturation exists at every turn. In a world of relentless retargeting, blurred influencer marketing, endless content consumption, and constant push notifications, the stories we tell as brands, businesses and individuals have never been so important.

When we’re overwhelmed with choice, brand is the part that sticks. And more specifically, the narrative we craft - the story we tell that resonates and connects with the people it speaks to.

It’s a story that pulls on heartstrings - excites and awakens, arouses passion and emotion, and creates a feeling of likeness and similarity between you and your audience.

And at its core is authenticity. A genuine glimpse into you and your business - the journey you’ve been on, what you stand for, and why your customer should entwine with your vision.

A story that is created and curated, and becomes part of everything you do. From inception to campaigns, it’s a story that comes alive and takes your brand with it.

Buyers today are making more considered decisions, decisions based on a micro culture of belief systems - belief in you, alignment of values, and the reflection of that on their life and lifestyle. We see this in the tides of trend, embracing sustainability, and speaking up about the causes and injustices they care about.

The importance of that sense of harmony has never been more meaningful - and with that added belief, that sense of investment in your brand, your customers have become your biggest ambassadors.

From Instagram to Tiktok, we’re sharing and discovering more every day, in a very deliberate way. These platforms have become a place to display ourselves with spirit and legitimacy, and in an instant we can recognise what anybody stands for.

We show passion for the wine growers with legacy, the female entrepreneurs with dreams, the restaurants who love and live for food and the meanings that go with it, the boutique perfumeries with heritage, the fashion brands who show diversity, and the hotels that put experience above all else. And in every case, experience, be it online or off, counts.

And big brands are getting on board. What they lack in intimacy, they gain from the passion of the people, and the makers and creators who surround them.

This year Gucci launched the latest collection in their collaboration with The North Face - a clothing and accessories collection designed for the outdoors and exploration. And the star of their campaign was Francis Bourgeois - a TikTok sensation with 2.3 million followers at the time, famed for his fervour for trainspotting. With bags full of passion and authenticity at the heart of his appeal.

Together they told a story about friendship, love, and innocence and a celebration of joy and passion. A story that transcends fashion or luxury, and brings experience to life.

Dr. Juice is a brand here in Malta that breathes its values of living, loving and giving, and because of that we feel attached to it. They tell a story that we can be part of - that goes beyond food and beverages to experience and belief - about what life is. And so, we as consumers will always shout and advocate for them. We love their product, we love what they offer, but more than that, we love the feeling their brand story ignites in us. We love what it says about who we are. And when they ask us to #PowerUp, we’re ready to join in the fight.

This is the power of storytelling. Be it homeric poetry passed on by word of mouth, the tales our grandparents share, the jokes we hear in the pub, the people who care and cry about what they do, an opera, a fashion show, a reel. An art form designed to connect us.

And the ones that stick have a genuine passion, a realness at their core, and that’s what brings us together. And for brands today, this has never been so important.

Katie Tsouros is Creative Copywriter at BRND WGN. She spends her time understanding brands, and helping them tell stories to fall in love with.