Together we can make a difference

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Why BRND WGN commits itself to helping charities. And why it has fun doing it.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to truly make a difference, especially with your colleagues. Last Sunday was a great example of what a mixed team of professionals, across multiple industries and from many different organisations, can do when they get together and commit to an event which can positively and extraordinarily impact those who need it. 

Over 300 people signed up to run at the BRND WGN and University Ring Road Races on March 12th, and many others came down to support them. The event was fun, colourful and noisy. It was brimming with the kind of positivity that can be created by getting people together to do something healthy, whilst raising money for a good cause.

Every year, the University of Malta gives half of the proceeds from Ring Road Races to Hospice Malta, contributing towards the continuation of palliative care for the terminally ill. 

BRND WGN gives its services to the event for free. Why? Because many Wagoneers have used their services, and know how valuable they are: helping families cope in a very difficult and distressing time, dealing with both serious illness and loss. Plus, we are proud to support our national University, and at the same time promote fitness for all.

Hospice Malta relies solely on donations. This made the charity organisation an even more obvious choice for BRND WGN to help out. As a local company, we strongly believe in committing ourselves to helping local charities. But it is no hardship whatsoever. We like to think of ourselves as a fun and fit bunch, and taking part in a race and the event itself was extremely enjoyable.

However, it does come as an opportunity cost for paid work. Our studio gets booked up, and it is easy to push paid clients to the top of the list. In order for the work to be completed on time, we treat charities as our clients. Ring Road Races got the same treatment as any of our other clients, from the design of marketing material, to promotion on social media, to having our own team out on the field in full force.  

Check out the photos on the Ring Road Races Facebook page and be sure to join us next year. Until then, Hospice Malta still need to raise funds all year round. So why not put your creative hats on, grab your friends and workmates, and do something fun too? Help people who one day might end up helping you or those closest to you.