To change is to evolve

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This month Martin Dimbleby, our Head of Brand Development, is celebrating his 10th anniversary on the WGN! He tells us what he’s learnt along the way and how purpose can guide brand transformation.

Happy anniversary, Martin! How do these 10 years feel?Thanks! So many things have changed in 10 years. Back in 2009 I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids. BRND WGN was made of four people and one room. The digital world was at a very early stage, with so many opportunities waiting to be discovered. Just as much as I’ve changed, so have the WGN, the brand landscape and Malta.How was your first day on the WGN?I remember very well walking into BRND WGN. From the very moment they handed me a laptop and mobile, I could sense I was working with passionate people who would be willing to take on the right challenges and push things forward. That passion hasn’t changed.Tell us about your journey.I experienced every stage of BRND WGN’s growth. We made our strong creative approach stand out in the market, introduced new services and built our own methods and frameworks. As the WGN grew, I made sure everyone on our team would be empowered with a sound knowledge base to advise our clients in the best possible way. I led the Client Services team for a long time, then moved on to my current Brand Development role.What do you mean by Brand Development?My role involves taking care of new business, but it doesn’t stop there. Every time a new client comes in, I make sure we’re all looking after the brand and the client in the best way, from the beginning of our collaboration until our client’s brand has developed the way we had agreed. Over the years I achieved a deep understanding of BRND WGN’s culture and of brands’ real needs when it comes to tackling transformation, so in a way it was natural for me to make this transition.So what does a brand need in order to approach transformation?The transformation mantra is to focus on the brand you should become, not on the brand you want to be. Over the years I have noticed businesses make the mistake to look at themselves from an internal point of view and make certain decisions based on what competitors are or aren’t doing.But really and truly, transformation should always keep in mind customers. They will guide your intrinsic value as a brand, as well as your business choices. Transformation is about achieving that balance between your brand purpose and your customers’ ever-changing expectations. Only by providing for both, will you be able to adapt and succeed.What guided BRND WGN’s evolution over the years?We enable brands to be the best version of themselves, no matter how big or small. After 10 years we’re shifting from agency to consultancy. But advising, in pursuit of brand excellence, was always a part of us.A famous slogan said: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation”. I believe the same applies to brands: everyone involved in looking after a brand is responsible to make it a better brand for everyone to enjoy it, today and in the future.How is your business tackling change? Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can take your brand forward.