Reflections from the newest Wagoneer on the BRND WGN block

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Carly is our brand new Strategy Director, and she demands (nicely) to be heard.

Having made the move from client to agency side, I’m learning fast. There’s a lot to take in and, having worked closely with many different shapes and sizes of agency in the UK, it’s fascinating to be on the other side. 

I’ve worked with brilliant creatives, producers, planners and account teams over the years, but all too often I’ve been sold great ideas that fall flat. We’ve been promised the world and delivered Watford Gap Services.

So when I explored making the move to the other side, I desperately wanted the opportunity to work with a team who focused on telling inspiring stories through beautiful, engaging, and meaningful work.

And here I am. I only get to say this now because I’m so new. Another week or two and it’s called boasting.

As I’ve sat down with each member of the team, I’ve been overwhelmed with the talent. With the level of strategic thinking that’s been applied through stunning creative. Work that goes over and above expectations to deliver brands and campaigns that truly bring to life the story behind each company. 

Shawn, for example, is a self confessed brand geek, passionate about type design. When he talked me through his thinking, I was astounded by the level of detail he put into his research and consideration of a brand, products, and customers. As a result, he’s surfaced meaning and breathed life into brands for a range of lucky clients like D. One, Insido and Gianpula.

Then there’s Jeremy and Philip, who have created an impressive range of stunning, meaningful film content between them. I love this ad they showed me for Cisk. Philip conceived the concept, directed the film and carefully nurtured the sound design, bringing the whole thing together in just two weeks. And this piece by Jeremy, which was all captured at a live event and put together the following day.

And there’s Borja, who wowed me with a rebrand he presented to our biggest client on my first day, as well as his considered, strategic and beautifully relevant work for MMH. I can’t show either to you I’m afraid, because they haven’t gone live yet - you’ll just have to trust me.

Sian is one of the digital UX designers who not only applies process to develop clear, structured websites, but also understands the nuances of smart design that keeps development costs down and has an incredible eye for creative. I’m jealous. Check out her work for SPF and GVZH.

And Kat, Creative Director who, like me, came to Malta from London and, not like me, seemingly can turn her creative hands to anything. Another rarity, she is probably one of the most client-friendly, strategic and creative people I have ever met. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone! 

These are just a few members of the team, and I feel bad not mentioning more people - I could quite easily go on and on…

Suffice to say, this agency is bursting at the seams with incredible talent, from planning through to the client services team. Individuals who can’t help but go above and beyond for every client, and every project, large or small, local or international. Maybe there’s something in the sunshine in Malta, but whatever the reason, I feel incredibly lucky to be working here with such an inspiring bunch of people.