QBOX Digital Agency Alliance

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BRND WGN joins the QBox Digital Agency Alliance to drive adoption and scaling of Conversational UI and Natural language data models in Western Europe.

BRND WGN is the latest brand consultancy to join the QBox Digital Agency Alliance (DAA). Based in Malta, the company focuses on strategic brand-led transformations to help organisations manage change and create more engaging and meaningful brand experiences for their audiences and stakeholders.

The race to bring chatbots to life to deliver a superior customer experience, 24/7, with a low cost to serve is gaining rapid momentum. That said, there are many poor experiences in market, as well as failures. Building a chatbot is a relatively simple task, as most of the major vendors provide ‘out of the box’ chatbot frameworks. The challenge is understanding the performance of the chatbot’s natural-language (NLP) data model and the impact of making a change to the training data. Chatbots are only useful if they are able to successfully answer questions on a specific domain or subject matter, however real value is the ability to answer questions across a wide domain or a number of subjects, powered by the same NLP data model.

Conversational UI is one of the key components of a business’ Digital Transformation journey.

Any organisation currently using digital, online and social media touch points to interact with customers, partners and employees should consider turning these into conversational platforms. Conversational UI is one of the key components of a business’ Digital Transformation journey. Having the right skills and tools to support these platforms will be essential to gaining success and a rapid time to value.

Peter Grech, BRND WGN’s CEO, states, “Malta’s real GDP rose by 6.4% in 2017, one of the highest growth rates within the EU, according to the European Commission. The country is being positioned as the blockchain Island and AI is also very high on the Government’s agenda. Joining the QBox DAA gives us access to a new generation of tools and capabilities that will help us help Maltese and European businesses of all sizes in all industry sectors to adopt, manage and scale their chatbots as part of their DX strategy.”

Chris Sykes, CEO of Volume, developer of QBox says, “We’re delighted to welcome BRND WGN to the QBox Digital Agency Alliance. Not only is Malta a great place to be commercially and geographically, the agency’s shift to providing strategic advice to help brands transform digitally makes them a perfect partner. Not only that, they have a unique differentiator with QBox, which puts them leaps ahead of the competition.”

QBox is Training & Testing-as-a-Service, developed to bridge a skills gap for understanding and managing the performance, accuracy & stability of natural-language data models. It lowers barriers to deploying AI-powered conversational platforms by visualizing the performance of models, helping to measure, modify, and scale them at speed. It’s interoperability functionality allows organizations & brands to adopt an agile & agnostic conversational AI strategy, allowing models to be easily assessed & switched between NLP service providers. Using QBox across our live instances has resulted in these AI-powered conversational platforms to consistently return accuracy rates above 98%.

Volume’s QBox is a chatbot corpus management and training tool –allows management of a corpus independent of an intent matching engineering, that is, manage one set of intents to train multiple engines.

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