Where there's will, there's wine.

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Because no great love story started with a bottle of water.

The social media video captures the spirit of Passimento, one of the many wines imported by P. Cutajar & Co. Ltd.


This truly seductive Italian wine, produced by the Famiglia Pasqua winery, comes in red and white, bringing you passion and sentiment in a bottle.

The bottle’s unique label is inspired by the famous Romeo and Juliet wall in Verona, a landmark filled with thousands of love messages. Made from grapes grown in the heart of Valpolicella, the wine itself epitomises the taste of love.

Our goal was to introduce this wine by telling its story - the essence of romance - and make it recognisable to all unfamiliar wine lovers. We began by translating the story into a voice-over script and drawing out a storyboard that brought Passimento’s colourful label to life.

So, pour out a glass and enjoy the romance of the animation. Let the instrumental Italian music allure you, and don’t forget to taste the true flavours of passione e sentimento next time you’re in the mood.