Making the Move to Webflow

BRND WGN has been building websites since 2009, and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two.

How it all began 

BRND WGN has been building websites since 2009, and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve always been an experience-first brand agency, putting ‘for the love of brands’ at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why our clients trust us from a brand point of view. 

Alongside that we’re early adopters and believers in innovation, always on the lookout for new ways and methods to make client and brand experiences better. In that spirit we were one of the first agencies in Malta to widely adopt WordPress as the go-to CMS, and the first to start running Facebook adverts for our clients. And we’re constantly evolving and adapting as new tools and technologies come to market. 

For the love of UX

When we started building websites it was all about the tech - it was complicated and laborious, so the build was what led us.  Over time, as digital became the first place to experience a brand, these projects were handed from CIOs to CMOs, and the user experience became the focus. 

UX meant that the theories driving user friendly interactions became the basis for every brand’s digital presence. Today, that’s moved one step further, and is about the brand being consistent and providing a similar experience for users at every touch point. For this, UX is where the magic happens. 

Without an intuitive user experience websites lose engagement, and audiences and customers disappear to competitors. This is where design and UX come together. At the same time marketing teams, entrepreneurs and business owners require an easy to use content management system, free from hosting complexity and limitations. 

A New Visual Canvas 

Webflow is the intuitive platform taking the painful parts of web development out of the equation. It allows front-end developers to focus on bringing designs to production faster. Meaning you get a more beautiful, seamless website and your greatest marketing asset, created more easily and quickly.

In general Webflow aims to make web design more visual, and more accessible to non-experts. Instead of coding, websites are designed and built through visual canvases. No HTML, CSS, or templates. Meaning complete flexibility and an entirely design-led approach to create any website you can imagine, including e-commerce and mobile responsive, without hours upon hours of development time. All while retaining the full power of the most commonly used programming languages.

For us it means we get to spend more time designing and less time writing code, so you get a better experience for you and you and your users, and a great looking interface, without being prohibited by cost.

Why Webflow?

Wordpress is the CMS we’ve all probably heard of, and the one most top of mind as it's been around for a while, powering around 42% of the web. However, as new technologies and AI start to take on, and even excel at, human tasks we believe Webflow is the future. By utilising Webflow we can focus on high-fidelity design that is accessible to everyone - empowering marketers and teams to get behind a website that stands out, without relying on developers or technology experience. 

For designers, Webflow gives them the power of code in an entirely visual setting, allowing them to design with real content, build bespoke layouts liberated from the constraints of templates, fine-tune typography, design responsively, and publish directly to the web.  And it translates design into clean, semantic code that can be easily shared. 

Editors can write and edit content right on the page, without clunky, disconnected CMS dashboards. Webflow lets you manage a live website, creating new pages, content structure and publishing with a click. Putting all the power in your hands. 

When it comes to SEO, optimisation is simple with fine-tuned controls, automated suggestions, high-performance hosting, and flexible content management tools - with no plugins needed. Webflow gives you fine level control over SEO markup, indexing rules, redirects, and more - pushing any changes live immediately, without relying on engineers.

Updates and security patches are managed automatically by the Webflow platform, meaning less maintenance than other alternatives, and lower costs. The hosting infrastructure is built to handle millions of views a day, with a response time of less than 100ms. Downtime and scalability is also taken care of as part of the complete managed solution that Webflow provides.

Webflow also allows us as an agency to deploy, revert, restore and backup your website at the push of a button, each edit is automatically saved and a new version added to the versions control system. And when we are ready to handover the project, you have complete autonomy over your website to manage it as you wish. 

Get on board 

If the flexibility of Webflow paired with superior design capabilities sounds like a solution for you, your business and your marketing team, then please get in touch so we can discuss how BRND WGN can provide you with a visually stunning, functional and efficient website that will help engage your users and support your brand.