From locals to locals: say hello to Orderit

Order what you need in one place, and support local suppliers and vendors.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, it was evident from the very beginning that local retailers were struggling to keep business going and to encourage consumers to purchase their daily needs as safely as they wanted. 

To help the vast community of local brands, we had started out by offering free consultancy slots with some of our senior team members, and a reduced fee on our e-commerce solutions. Our next step was to try and bridge this digital and economic gap with a low-risk, low-maintenance, close-to-zero-cost solution for retailers in Malta, whilst encouraging as many people as possible to shop local.

The idea

So the idea of Orderit, the marketplace of local businesses, was born — bringing great brands from different vendors together under one digital roof. A message of hope, mutual support and action during these hard times.

As a brand consultancy, our workload was also affected by the current scenario. But we didn’t let that put us down. We knew we had the sufficient skills and experience. So we gathered some of the Wagoneers that were on downtime to form a smart, agile, Orderit team, from building the website, drawing a marketing plan and getting in touch with retailers, to gathering ideas and testing the e-shop as development went along.

How does Orderit work?

The whole experience is simple and straight-forward. Shoppers can purchase everything they need from different categories and vendors, with one single order and payment. 

Once you visit, you will be able to access multiple categories ranging from daily groceries, household items, children’s clothing and pet supplies to fashion, accessories, homeware and DIY - the best local and international brands, strictly from local vendors. 

Vendors are connected to a unified system so that they can accept, track and fulfil orders within one day. Products purchased from different vendors will arrive in separate batches at the chosen delivery destination within 48 hours from the order.

Initial reactions

We were thrilled with the overall positive response. We on-boarded quality retailers from all over Malta selling everything from premium quality brands such as Yankee Candles, WoodWick, Dulux, Vileda, Leatherman and Bonsan.

Vendors felt assured that we would tap into BRND WGN expertise to drive Orderit forward, and offered stronger buy-in from the vendors. We also made sure that the pricing model is frictionless for businesses, whilst making it fair to both the vendor and Orderit.

The future

We’ve just launched and we’re super busy looking for new partnerships, adding more products and optimising logistics. Our main goals are to make deliveries as fast as possible and to perfect customer experience, while looking into the option of repeat purchases. Always supporting vendors, so they can focus on what they do best while we put our online expertise to work.

We feel that the local e-commerce offer feels more like just an add-on of physical retail. We’re here to challenge that.

Orderit will be a 100% digital business.

You can help us by testing it, giving us feedback, and letting us know: what would make you keener to buy online, and what are your online shopping expectations?

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