BRND WGN to host Design Sprint Workshop in Malta

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This is one finish line you'll definitely want to cross.

Are you inspired by the ground-breaking design sprints Google Ventures ran for Uber and Slack, or how the UN used one to launch a life-saving ‘feed communities’ project but you don’t really know what one entails or how to run one? 

Are you your company’s visionary, part of a startup, or a budding entrepreneur who is idea rich but time poor and need the design sprint process to be sure of a project before investing in it? 

If the answer is yes, then the Design Sprint Workshop is for you. 

Run by the New Haircut agency on 9-10 March at BRND WGN’s creative hub in Naxxar, the workshop will give you all the tools and techniques needed to run a design sprint: a five-day process aimed at slicing time and money off creating a product customers actually want. 

First you map out the problem or niche in the market and think of a product. Second, you design competing solutions. Next, you turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis. Then you hammer out a high-fidelity prototype before the final stage: testing it with real customers.

“Essentially, a design sprint allows you to fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments,” explained John Vetan, Chief Operating Officer of New Haircut who have been running workshops with his team  all over the world, from Dubai to Finland, to Germany, the US, and now Malta. 

“The workshop gives people skills to undertake a design sprint themselves. And I believe that without doing this process, your product will probably fail.” 

Workshops are fast-paced, hands-on, timeboxed, and immersive. “In two intensive days, you'll learn and apply creative ideation techniques including lightning demos, sketching, user story mapping, prototyping, customer interviews, time management and team working skills.

“And, by the end of the workshop, you’ll have the right knowledge and process to drive hi-impact innovation from inside your organisation. Whether you are a designer or in marketing, and whatever your skill levels, regardless of previous experience, whoever wishes to further enhance their product development and UX skills knowledge will benefit from this workshop.”

As the leading strategic creative agency on the island, BRND WGN was the obvious partner for New Haircut to run the Malta workshop. Not only do both companies share similar internal set-ups and beliefs that sharing knowledge helps the industry as a whole, it also helps both companies build brand authority, shows them what startups of 2017 want, plus introduces them to new clients.

BRND WGN’s Chief Operating Officer, Kris Vella Petroni, is excited about a creative collaboration with New Haircut who, due to their hands-on experience in helping entrepreneurs and early-stage companies validate ideas and launch successful enterprise-grade products, feels they “are a perfect partner for BRND WGN to bring Design Sprints to Malta with.”

However, he hopes the collaboration will go beyond joint design sprints. 

“We are two like-minded agencies whose capabilities compliment each other, as well as being able to add-value to what we both can offer clients, extending our reach. I’m very excited about what we can do together in the future.”

Limited places! Click here to book your place on the Design Sprint Workshop.

New Haircut

Founded in 2009, New Haircut is a disruptive design and engineering firm that has pioneered the practice of design and code sprints across various global start-ups and enterprises. With offices in New York and Timisoara, the company specialises in building web and mobile applications, designing user-centered visual experiences, and developing digital infrastructures for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Find out more at: