A day in the life of Gabi Star

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Our International Account Executive explains how much she squeezes into a working day in London.

Just because our Creative Hub is based in Malta, doesn't mean we are not an international agency. In fact, we have two teams of execs: a local team that work with Malta’s leading brands, and those who soon will be. And the international team, building our global client base daily.

My name is Gabi. I am part of BRND WGN’s international team and, I’m a born’n’bred Londoner lured to a sunny island to work for what I think is the best strategic creative powerhouse in Europe. However, I now spend lots of time back in London, working with our clients based there.

Isn’t that mad? Doesn’t it make more sense just to move home? Well no, being based in Malta is no hold-back for working with global clients, whether based in London or anywhere. Malta is perfectly connected, not just for the usual day-to-day email and telephoning, but for meetings. I can be in a meeting in central London in four hours (London is an hour behind Malta) door-to-door, the same as from outer London on a bad traffic day.

With flights every morning and evening it means we can easily ‘pop’ over for the day. The airport is just a 15 minute drive from the office and you can leave your car there for the day, rock-up an hour before the flight, plus work from the lounge while you wait to board.

This makes me sound like a real ‘jet setter’, but it’s not as glamorous as it sounds: early starts, late finishes, having to dress the part, running around London doing many more meetings than I would do when based at a London agency to justify the trip - I love it! It is so exciting, and I get the best of both worlds: living on a holiday island and working in a career-focused city.

I am definitely more efficient, motivated and productive when on tour. Plus the adrenaline always kicks in to get me through the day, to secure a pitch, or give the client a personal meeting. To prove it, I wrote the below after my last trip to London. But why am I sharing this with you? Well, the moral of the story is to let you know that BRND WGN has dedicated international execs, and waking up in Malta doesn't stop us working with international clients… it just means we have a longer day ahead! 

Gabi's typical working day in London

06.15am - Wake up

07.15am - Leave for the airport, picking-up the Creative Director on the way

07.40am - Arrive at Airport, ditch the car, have a meeting in the lounge with the Creative Director

08.40am - Flight departs to London

11.00am - Arrive at London

11.30am - Train departs to central London

12.30pm - Kick off meeting with film crew, go over storyboards

13.00pm - Final prop prep (quick dash to the shops!), ready to start the shoot

13.45pm - Video shoot starts

15.30pm - Leave video shoot to make our way to visit clients

16.10pm - Stop for a tea break

16.30pm - Pop into clients' offices to discuss new brief 

18.00pm - Train ride back to the airport 

20.30pm - Flight back to Malta

12.30am - Home and sleep!